Tools and Data

This site was formed to increase transparency in the interval fund space.  Currently it is the only easily accessible source for complete interval fund data.  Questions or comments? Email

Active Interval Fund Data

Active Funds database includes all funds that have been declared effective by the SEC, along with ticker symbols, and net assets as of most recent filings. This database can also be used to track Sponsor market share, fundraising trends, and category trends.

Public Listings Update

Over the past year interval fund registrations surpassed more “traditional” retail alternative structures such as non-traded REITs and BDCs:

New Fund Launches is a downloadable dataset covering all interval funds declared effective by the SEC since 2016Q2.

New Fund Registrations includes interval funds that have publicly filed initial form N-2s, but have not yet been declared effective by the SEC. This information provides a preview of structure and strategy trends for interval funds

Service Providers

Interval Fund Tracker maintains market share data for transfer agents, custodians, subadvisers, law firms, and other service providers involved in operating an closed end interval funds.  See this previous post for additional information.

Fee Comparison Tool

Coming Soon!